Are you searching august smart door lock installation in Dubai. Al Baraka Al Jadeed Lock Repairing ( is the best place. Give keyless entry to family, friends, housekeepers and others without worrying about lost or copied keys. Control and monitor your door from anywhere.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Control and monitor your door from anywhere

1. Lock and unlock your door remotely
2. Instantly track who’s coming and going
3. Always know your door is closed and locked
4. Keyless entry for family and friends
5. Locks as you leave
6. Unlocks as you arrive
7. Keep your existing lock and keys
8. Includes August Connect Wi-Fi bridge
9. Works with Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant

August Smart Lock

Keyless entry for your smart home

1. Lock and unlock your door from your doorstep
2. See the record of who is coming and going
3. Check if your door is closed and locked
4. Keyless entry for family and friends
5. Locks as you leave
7. Unlocks as you arrive
8.Keep your existing lock and keys

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August Smart Door Lock Installation FAQ

Why you need locksmith for August Smart Door Lock Installation?

August Smart Door lock installation needs proper planning and an idea to execute it, since it is different from normal locks and required a lot of IT intervention. Therefore locksmiths are the right people to install these locks and a normal person can’t install it by his own.

How locksmiths help you to install your August Smart Door Lock?

The locksmiths help you in figuring out where you need to get the August Smart Door locks installed and will further explain you the functioning of it. Installation of smart door locks is a tricky process since it cannot be done without a methodical process.

How much cost be will charge for August Smart Door Lock?

Since install smart locks is an intricate task to do, the charges will accordingly vary. Also, the installation on the kind of door matter and taken into consideration while analysing the charges. However, we ensure to take the minimal charges, so that it doesn’t put a hole in your pockets.

How much time we need to install August Smart Door Lock?

For installing August Smart Door locks, the time spent will be a bit more than usual, as these locks needs installing after a thorough planning. But, then you need not to worry about timings, as our team of locksmiths are well experienced to install these locks in the best possible time.